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The Dobiaschofsky Auction House is at your disposal for any questions regarding your artwork. We appraise and sell at auctions individual works, collections and inheritance. Our services include establishing contact with experts recognized worldwide and professional restaurateurs. We are also available at all times for any questions regarding framing, conservation and insurance.

Appraisal Days

You can make an appointment in our location on rue Monbijou in order to present your artwork and antiquities to us.
In addition, “appraisal days” are organized several times a year in various Swiss cities such as Basel, Geneva, Lausanne and Neuenburg. Thus, you will have the chance to present your artwork to our experts, to establish a first contact and to obtain an estimate with no strings attached.


We appraise our property with no obligation on your part, discreetly and free of charge. Send us a photograph of your artwork by mail or email. The technical data, the dating of the work and the dimensions (without the frame), among others, are important for the estimation. In all cases, you can reach us by telephone at + 41 (0)31 560 10 60.


We advise our clients both in problems of insurance, storage and restoration.

Dobiaschofsky Auktionen AG • Monbijoustrasse 30/32 • 3001 Bern (Switzerland) • Phone +41 31-560 10 60 • info@dobiaschofsky.com
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