How to place a bid

Create a wish list

While browsing through our catalogue you will certainly find different lots you are more interested in. Put them on your “wish list” by clicking on “Put on wish list” in the detailed lot view. You will be able to add some more, to compare them and even to delete some.

Log in at My account

In order to place a bid, you will have to log in at “My account” . If you haven't registered yet, you will need to do so in order to receive a login code.

Place a bid

Once you are logged in, your “wish list” transforms into a “bidding list”. Fill in successively your bids (without buyer's premium nor VAT) for each lot. Also, you will be able to add some more, to compare them or to delete some at any moment.

Bidding control

When you are ready to control your bids, click on “Control bidding list” and you will receive a summary with all your bids and personal information.

Place binding bids

Click on “Place binding bids” and your binding bids will be sent to Dobiaschofsky Auktionen AG and will be recorded for the next auction.

Supervise your bids

By clicking on “Previous bids” you will receive a summary with all your previous bids.

You will be able to place binding bids up to 24 hours before the auction. You will also be able to increase a binding bid by placing it again with a higher amount.

Important: Please remember that your wish list respectively your bidding list is only saved as long as you do not delete your “cookies” on your browser.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone.

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