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  • Swiss art

    Oil paintings, water colours, drawings, pastels, graphic art, sculptures
  • International Art

    Oil paintings, water colours, drawings, pastels, graphic art, sulptures
  • Paintings

    Oil paintings, water colours and pastels of the 16th -21st c.
  • Old master prints

    Graphic art, drawings, old books, Helvetica
  • Modern Prints

    Graphic art, drawings, portfolio, books, vintage posters
  • Papercuttings

  • Photography

    Landscape pictures, cities, portraits
  • Asia

    Porcelains, lacquer, Netsuke, Okimono, metal objects, woodcuts, paintings
  • Antiques

    Furniture & carpets, clocks & measuring instruments, silver, porcelains, ceramics & glass, icons, miniatures, Art Déco, Art nouveau and design objects, collectibles
  • Jewellery

    Jewels, gems, watches, pocket watches, adornments
  • Dobiaschofsky Auktionen AG • Monbijoustrasse 30/32 • 3001 Bern (Switzerland) • Phone +41 31-560 10 60 • info@dobiaschofsky.com
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